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PKI and Identity management

Identity management serves as the essential basis for all paperless workflow and document projects. In a system of this kind, it is important that every party involved can be sure that other parties are who they claim to be and are not impersonating someone else. This is done through the issue of certificates, creating the link between the identity of a natural person (or legal entity) and his private/public key pair, allowing him to authenticate himself, sign electronically, ensure the integrity of a document, encrypt or decrypt information etc.

As a guarantee of this link in confirming the identity of the key holders, a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) satisfies the relevant security requirements in all paperless processes.

The introduction of a PKI is a necessary step for all companies and public services that wish to increase their security levels with respect to confidentiality and authentication. The applications for this identity management technology are numerous and include:

  • Introduction of certification authorities for procurement contracts, trade associations, federations etc.
  • E-administration (paperless processes for declaring revenue, paperless VAT returns etc.)
  • Deployment of authentication badges and smart cards
  • Safeguarding of banking exchanges
  • The contract signature in points of sale
  • Electronic signature via mobile device
  • Secure messaging (message integrity and confidentiality, sender authentication)
  • Safeguarding of Internet exchanges (SSL certificates)
  • etc.

Do you have plans of this kind but not want to directly manage the complex technical and organizational processes of a PKI? If so, just choose a recognized industry expert. Cryptolog can operate all the services required for delivering certificates relating to a certification authority for you and on your behalf. For many years, clients including Ingenico and SFR have been producing their own electronic certificates and timestamp seals thanks to our turnkey services. Every day, our platform delivers thousands of certificates.

The hosted identity management services we provide are based on our tried-and-tested product, Identity, which was developed entirely by Cryptolog in strict compliance with encryption standards.

Our service offering provides clear benefits in the following respects:

  • Time to market: Immediate access to PKI functionalities (identity registration, certificate issue, CRL publication etc.) with no physical installation required in your IT system. Your technical team will be able to integrate these services in just a few hours.
  • Whether for PKI or timestamping, you can be sure that you have the latest versions of our products. You will benefit from our promise of complete compliance with the applicable standards and our ability to update rapidly within our solutions.
  • Enhanced level of security in a high-quality infrastructure. We have multiple secure rooms, including one that is offline (containing the root authorities of our PKIs), managed by two different hosts with stringent authentication of operators (identity check, badge, biometric check, "dual control" access, video surveillance etc.).
  • High level of availability: Our solutions are installed in a cluster and benefit from load sharing in order to handle peak loads.
  • State-of-the-art operational services in cryptographic security: Our Professional Services team is at your service to carry out all complex operations with regard to creating and maintaining CAs with the best possible security and traceability (key ceremony, HSM maintenance, offline CA creation etc.).
  • Customized integration of our services into your IT system. This is one of the key strengths of our offering: Whatever your needs, our teams can develop special connectors that allow a secure and personalized interconnection with your infrastructure. In particular, our PKI can be integrated with all types of registration authority.
  • You benefit from the flexible pricing of an SaaS offering: No license to buy, no maintenance to renew — you only pay for what you use!

With our hosted turnkey services, you can secure your IT system and access all the latest cryptographic innovations, while saving time and money at the same time.

Contact us and benefit from all Cryptolog's expertise.

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