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Online contract signature

Today, in order to afford legally binding status to a document, it is sadly too often to see it be printed for signature by hand. It is common practice on a day-to-day basis to receive contracts by email to be printed out, signed and returned by mail. What a waste of time in today's "all-digital", Internet age! Not only that, but sometimes the contract will not even be signed or, even more likely, will not be returned, and will instead lie forgotten in a pile of office paperwork...

In any case, when a contract has to be signed by hand by several parties:

  • either a physical meeting between the signatories is required, which may prove problematic because of schedules or the physical distance between them
  • or the contract has to be sent back and forth by mail for days.
souscription contrat

In short, the handwritten signature is to the electronic signature what regular mail is to email: economically outdated. Today's market has a clear need for simple and reliable tools that make it possible to sign contractual documents over distances without having to print them out.

In its Universign platform, Cryptolog provides a solution that can add electronic signature functionality to any website very easily.

It makes it possible for you to turn your website or Extranet into a genuine tool for completing contracts electronically.

This means you can easily ask visitors to your site, as well as your clients, suppliers and partners, to sign all kinds of legally binding documents electronically: contracts, order forms, membership forms and various other authorizations.

As quick to integrate as an online payment service, this solution is based on a documented API and offers the following features:

  • PDF document signature
  • Compatibility with all certificates on the market
  • Generation of single-use certificates on the fly
  • Sending of a single-use code by email or SMS for certificate generation
  • Insertion of an image representing the signature (digital handwritten signature or logo)
  • Insertion of text together with the signature (last name, first name, date of signature)
  • RGS-qualified and Adobe-certified timestamping of every signature
  • Integration in just a few hours
  • Pay-as-you-go principle (pricing according to volume of signatures used)

It is a solution that puts an end to chasing signatures, saves you time and money and helps turn your Internet visitors into clients!



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