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Electronic signature of invoices

Today, all companies can set up a paperless invoicing system. The benefits that can be expected from it are varied and relate to economic as well as performance enhancement issues. They include:

  • Immediate savings: savings on paper, stamps and printing consumables, elimination of paper archiving costs etc.
  • Productivity gains linked to the automation of low value-added tasks throughout the process for issuing, receiving or storing invoices
  • Improvement in the traceability and reliability of documents exchanged thanks to the elimination of manual tasks, and the consequent reduction of the risk of disputes (commercial, industrial or otherwise)
  • Time savings that may have a very significant impact on company accounts: reduction in payment cycles, reduction in the time taken to process invoices etc.

In France, there are two systems for sending electronic invoices: electronic data interchange (EDI) in accordance with Article 289 bis of the French general tax code (CGI) and sending electronically signed invoices in accordance with Article 289-V of the same code.

Our tools are relevant in this second regulatory context. Article 289-V of the CGI states that invoices may, subject to acceptance by the recipients, be sent electronically when the authentication of the sender and the integrity of their content are guaranteed by means of an electronic signature.

The Cryptolog solutions meet the requirements for this standard application of electronic signature perfectly and can be used at different levels of a process for creating a paperless invoicing system recognized by the tax authorities:

  • When invoices are issued by invoicing service providers or invoicing software, whether to generate the certificate or to sign large volumes
  • On receipt for the automatic verification of the electronic signatures contained in the invoices by the intermediary platforms or, at the end of the chain, by the companies receiving the invoices
  • When invoices are archived by third-party archivers using cryptography technologies for their secure storage servers.

Signatures that conform to the 289-V-compliant PDF Demat Certification

In particular, GS1 France has written a guide containing recommendations to allow companies to issue signed electronic invoices in PDF format and has also started a certification process for solutions compatible with this standard (289-V-compliant PDF Demat Certification). Cryptolog has monitored the development of this standard very closely, and our tools generate signatures that comply perfectly with the GS1 France specification.


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