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Universign is an easy-to-use online electronic signature solution. It lets you sign any type of electronic contractual document.

  • Grow your sales

    Our clients report a 30% increase in signed contracts on average.
  • Sign faster

    Your documents are signed by all the parties in just a few minutes.
  • Simplify your procedures

    You don’t need to print, sign by hand or scan your documents any more.
  • Secure exchanges

    Electronic signatures are legally recognised.

How can you sign PDF documents online ?

You can use our electronic signature and timestamping services to:

1Get documents signed online

Using the Universign site, you can get your contacts to sign PDF documents from our platform by sending them "signature requests" by email. This mode can be accessed directly after signing up on our site and does not require any integration.

2 Build electronic signature into your website

Accessible through a Web Service, this function lets you add a "Sign" button to your website and lets visitors to your website sign any type of document in PDF format. Thanks to our documented API (Application Programming Interface), electronic signature is as easy to build into your website as an online payment service.

3Automate your organisation's signature

The server stamp can be compared to an electronic corporate stamp. It lets you sign large numbers of outbound documents on behalf of your legal entity (companies, administrations, associations).

4Seal your digital documents

Put a non-repudiable date on all your digital documents, thanks to our timestamping service certified compliant with the French RGS General Security Specifications.

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