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Cryptolog develops and markets a range of products and services to meet most needs in terms of paperless solutions with legal value.

Whether you are a business, an IT department, a software provider, a SaaS provider or an IT integrator, our products and services allow you to integrate a wide range of electronic signature and timestamping functionalities within your information system (software, SaaS applications, website etc.). They include:

  • An electronic signature toolkit: CUTE
  • Server applications:

    • Unicity MSS, for mass electronic signing and corporate signature (server signature)
    • Serenity, for verifying and validating electronic signatures
    • Perennity, for cryptographic maintenance and long-term proof management
  • A PKI service operated by Cryptolog for Certification Authority implementation: Identity
  • A SaaS platform for electronic signature and timestamping services: Universign

This range covers the entire life cycle of an electronic signature, from the certificates issuance through the generation, verification and timestamping of signatures, to the long-term storage of electronic proof.

Cryptolog also offers expert advice for your paperless solution projects: we are renowned specialists in our business and sharing our expertise is a second nature. We are always eager to guide and assist organizations with large-scale or unusual projects for the development of their legal dematerialization infrastructure.

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