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Why choose us?

Looking for a partner to give your electronic exchanges legal status? Not made your mind up yet? Here are ten good reasons to choose Cryptolog for your electronic signature project.

Benefit from the expertise of an internationally recognized company.

Throughout our years of experience, we have built up strong expertise in electronic proof. Thanks to this know-how and our privileged position, we are now recognized internationally and are heavily involved in European working groups on electronic signature standardization. Cryptolog is currently the ETSI's rapporteur for the European CAdES standard and a member of the working group on the PAdES (PDF signature) standard.

Use robust, comprehensive, interoperable and upgradable products.

Our products are the result of several years of Research and Development and have been widely tested and used in production by our customers many of which are major companies in their respective business sectors. Year on year, we are working to enhance all our products in accordance with a detailed and ambitious roadmap, largely inspired by feedback from our clients. Our heavy involvement in standardization work means we can offer you a guarantee of products integrating the latest standards in force in France and in Europe. So we avoid locking our customers into our solutions at all costs.

Move forward on familiar ground.

We systematically provide potential customers with trial licenses for all our products so that they can try them in their own technical environment and then commit without any worries. Not convinced? Test our products now.

Count on an RGS-certified trusted third party.

To date, our SaaS timestamping and electronic signature platform, Universign, is the only Timestamping Trusted Third Party certified in accordance with the RGS (Référentiel Général de Sécurité — French general security database) Decree of February 2, 2010 by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI). In other words, currently there is no higher level of certification in France. Using Universign means increasing the chances of reassuring a contact of the accuracy of the dates provided in a sensitive legal context.

Speed up your product launches.

You probably have better things to do than (re)develop your electronic signature functionalities. Cryptolog's products and services are easy to integrate and allow you to speed up the roll-out of your products while benefiting from extremely powerful and innovative electronic signature tools. By using Cryptolog for your electronic signature needs, you will save time and be able to concentrate on your own business.

Use a specialist.

From the start, Cryptolog has been a "pure player" company in the electronic proof and signature business. We focus exclusively on our business of providing paperless solutions with probative value and have chosen not to broaden our scope by developing a bloated and ill-defined software catalog. This positioning is a guarantee that you are dealing with a specialist offering state-of-the art electronic signature tools.

Work totally transparently with us.

To establish a lasting relationship with our customers, we cultivate a keen sense of transparency at all levels: price, functionality, quality of service, legal status of signatures etc. We provide our customers with what they actually need and not what we would like them to ask us for. Their satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Choose independence.

We work on a principle of independence, especially with regard to Certification Authorities. Our solutions are interoperable with all certificates on the market that comply with current cryptography standards.

Work with a responsive and dynamic team.

When you choose Cryptolog, you can count on a reliable, dynamic and responsive team of Doctors in Cryptography and R&D engineers to provide support for your particular large, innovative, complex and original projects.

And you will love our Customer Support.

We are fully aware that the issue of support is crucial when choosing a partner and that you expect 5-star support from us. We will maintain a continuous relationship with your technical teams via our support site, ensuring your requests are managed quickly and reliably with response times of less than four hours.

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