Our Values

Technical excellence always pays in the end

Technical shortcuts only lead to dead-ends, sooner or later. We strongly believe that only rigor and excellency allow us to create robust, long-standing and upgradeable products. Hence, our promise of fanatical standard compliance. Our products were quite long to develop, but now they are here... and rock solid. That's just the best way to provide our customers with solutions they will trust (and to save ourselves hours of technical support!).

Our best salespeople are our customers

A happy customer will tell one of his friends. An unhappy one will tell fifteen!Transparency is the core principle of our customers relationships. We want to provide them with what they need, and not with what we would like them to need. Their trust and satisfaction is our best reward. So, we do our best to keep the former and create the latter.

Work must be fun

We work hard. But we believe it is important that every employee feels like they are working with Cryptolog and not for Cryptolog. Having fun while we work and cohabitate together for a few hours every day is essential. That's why we try to keep life at Cryptolog as enjoyable and relaxed as it can be.

Innovation is not an option, it's an attitude

Not leveraging existing technology would be insane, but to find innovative solutions, we always try to think out of the box. We encourage and expect innovation from everyone at Cryptolog. So, if you feel like shaping the future of electronic exchanges (and saving some trees in the process), drop us a line!

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