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The architect of electronic signature technologies

Since its foundation, Cryptolog—software provider at the cutting edge in the fields of electronic signature, timestamping and proof management—has invested all its efforts in pursuing a mission that is both technologically and socially significant: the fundamental overhaul of exchanges, promoting the development of paperless solutions with long-term legal proof. Cryptolog is achieving this specifically through the development of a reliable and secure electronic signature that has the same legal status as a handwritten signature.

As firm believers that the use of electronic signatures will in future be as widespread as the use of email is today, we are providing software providers, service operators and companies with the tools they need to modernize their exchanges in full compliance with legal requirements.

What do we do?

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Our solutions allow you to sign a digital document as easily as signing a paper one. Our software are the result of several years of research and development in the field of digital trust. Our range of products and services covers the full life cycle of an electronic signature, from the delivery of digital certificates to the archiving of documents with legal value. Our technology meets a multitude of requirements in this area, including:

  • the creation and transmission of digital identities
  • the creation of electronic signatures
  • the validation of electronic signatures
  • the storage of signed documents
  • Timestamp of digital files
  • the online signature of contracts
  • etc.

The Cryptolog offer includes:

  • Software sold in license mode
  • Dedicated hosted services
  • SaaS platform for online services: Universign

The choice of the solution will depend on the nature of your project.


We are fully committed to guaranteeing that all our products strictly comply with the latest standards, thanks to the active participation of our specialists in European working groups for electronic signature standardization, most notably the ETSI. As a result, our clients are assured of always getting the most advanced technology in terms of electronic proof.

For whom?

Are you:

  • a software provider, seeking to accelerate the release of your products by integrating tested electronic signature functionalities?
  • a company, looking to develop a solution, for your own internal needs, that incorporates electronic signature functionality? Do you want to create paperless processes for pay slips and client and/or supplier invoices, or enable your clients to sign contracts online?
  • a public service organization, wishing to comply with French general security database requirements [Référentiel Général de Sécurité or RGS] by using a RGS-certified time stamping service?

You will quickly find out that electronic signature technology requires a very specific expertise. That is why we enable you to concentrate on your work and let us providing you with the best possible electronic signature solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll really help you to make time-savings…

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