Cryptolog announces the release of CUTE 5.3

Paris, 27 June 2011 - Cryptolog is delighted to announce the release of version 5.3 of CUTE, its toolkit that allows users to add electronic signature capabilities to a business application or website. Marketed under a white label arrangement to software publishers and SaaS service providers, the Cryptolog Universal Token Environment can be integrated in just a few hours into any website or software client in a way that is completely transparent to the end user. This new version of CUTE brings some important new features that meet the growing needs of the electronic signature market.

  • Support for PKCS#10 in the PKI module: This is one of the most important changes in this release. The PKCS#10 standard is a standard that enables users to request the signature of a public key from a certification authority. The PKI module in CUTE lets you generate pairs of public/private keys on the fly. With this new feature, when you generate a pair of keys it is now possible to request the generation of a certificate from a certification authority.
  • Development of a validation framework for the PAdES format: When integrating CUTE, it is now possible to configure certificate revocation lists (CRL) and OCSP servers. Before it triggers a signature using a given certificate, CUTE will now be able to query those entities in order to check whether the certificate has been revoked.
  • Support for Firefox certificate store on Windows: Previously, the certificate store for the Firefox web browser could only be connected under Linux.
  • Development of a framework for pre-processing PDFs: Before a PDF is signed, it is now possible to modify the document in order to add pages, information, and so on.
  • Referencing the image of the signature field by URL: The image to be inserted in a PDF when a signature is made can now be specified by a URL, which makes web integration easier.
  • Filtering self-signed certificates: The advanced certificate-filtering system available in CUTE now enables the detection of self-generated certificates. For instance, with this feature it is now much easier to exclude single-use certificates when requesting a signature.
  • New signature formats: Support for PAdES-EPES, upgrade to CAdES v1.8.1 and XAdES v1.4.1
Version 5.3 CUTE is available at no extra charge for customers with a maintenance contract, who can download it at
About CUTE
CUTE is a software toolkit that enables the easy integration of digital signature features into business applications and websites. It is compatible with all certificates and lets you generate all kinds of electronic signature formats, from the simplest - CMS, XMLDSig and PDF - to the most advanced, such as XAdES, PAdES, CAdES, XAdES-BES, XAdES-EPES, XAdES-T, and more. 
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