Security labels: What's the difference between certification and qualification?

Paris, 5 March 2012 - When you want to acquire or use a product that is sensitive in terms of security (such as an operating system, electronic signature tool, smart card or PKI), one of the first things you will invariably ask yourself is: how you can evaluate their security. And how can you know if this security is sufficient to meet your needs?
To answer these questions, it is important to be able to refer to labels issued by official bodies that offer an independent and impartial assessment of the products and services you want to use.
In France, the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (ANSSI), the national authority in charge of the security of information systems, is responsible for organizing the issue of security labels, on behalf of the Prime Minister, to trusted products and service providers.

How long does a timestamp seal "last"?

duree-horodatageWhenever we present Universign, we're often asked how long timestamping protection lasts. an estimated resistance to counterfeiting of around twenty years.

Baring any major technological breakthroughs that enable the corruption of the timestamping algorithms used or an obvious failure on the part of the timestamping authority, once a document is timestamped you will be able to legally prove for a period of around twenty years that you were in possession of it at the moment it was timestamped and that it has not been modified since.

However, for regulatory reasons related to our timestamping policy, the automatic verification by any third party of a timestamping seal associated with a document is limited in time. The rules of the regulatory frameworks in which we operate require us to limit the lifespan of the public information that enables a third party to validate a timestamp. For this reason, Universign guarantees that the validation of a timestamping seal associated with a document will be automatic and feasible by any third party for a period of five years after it is issued.